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Viisi pieleen mennyttä IoT-ratkaisua

IoTWe’ve already seen plenty of cases where hackers have exploited security holes in the Internet of Things. The results can be quite serious, and sometimes downright terrifying. What most of these cases have in common, however, is that they could easily have been avoided if security had been a bigger priority. 1. Remotely steered a […]

IoT Communications Standard page

The Internet of Things makes our world better, but how secure is it? IoT (Internet of Things), or M2M (machine to machine) as it is also known, is all about connecting different types of devices to the Internet. These devices can be anything from machines, vehicles and buildings to lifts and alarms. IoT is a […]

Smart communications solutions protect that which cannot protect itself

IoTWithout exaggeration, this is also the source for great threats. In the past hackers were limited to attacking computers in homes and offices but with the amazing number of devices being routinely connected to the internet, completely new possibilities are opening up for the individuals that use IoT for darker purposes. The future is dependent […]