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2019-Q3-FI-Smart Alarms-Trial-AddView

With the web- and mobile based, AddSecure AddView, you can be confident that the systems are working properly and that all alarms will always reach the correct recipient – in…


Hälytysjärjestelmä on itsestään selvä valinta elämän ja omaisuuden suojaamiseksi. Web-ja mobiilipohjainen AddView-palvelu auttaa käyttämään tietoja turvallisesti ja kätevästi, joten huomaat nopeasti, toimivatko järjestelmäsi oikein. Saat kattavan yleiskatsauksen yrityksen kaikkien hälytysjärjestelmien…

Why and how Østfold updated their lift alarms

Kiinteistöj..Recently, we helped Østfold municipality overhaul their lift alarms. As the traditional, analogue phone lines are being discontinued, and the cellular network is going digital, old lines of communication are rapidly becoming outdated. That wasn’t the only problem, though. As is wont to happen when old technology is left untouched for a while, some things […]

Here’s how AddSecure solves your unknown lift alarm problem

Kiinteistöj..Technology rushes forward, but not always at the same rate. While municipal fire and burglary alarms are often fully digital already, lift alarms tend to lag behind. In Norway they send analogue signals through a modernized, digital network. It’s very important to point out the problems with the solution, as it simply cannot be trusted. […]